Organize Your Home Using Media Drawers

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Hi! I’m Katrina Cameron, a professional organizer on behalf of Expert Village. We’re going to be talking about media drawers and how to keep them organized and functional. What I’m going to show you is you can really inexpensively put some dividers and some containers together that are going to help you keep a functional media center. What I’ve done here as I’ve just taken all the different categories that my DVDs and my audio books on tape and books on CDs and I’ve written them down so I know what I really have. Then I’ve gone back and I’ve made labels. I’ve just taken a colored manila folder and I’ve cut it to size so that it fits in between these dividers here and then I can section off with some p touch tape and put a label so that I know right where to go because my eye catches this label. So whether you have video games or you have workout fitness things, self improvement tapes that you want to listen to and DVDs they can all go in their own little compartment within this drawer. You should also have a place to store CDs. I like using a case because it cuts down on space, because this thing can hold on a whole bunch of CDs and it’s not as bulky as actually keeping the CDs in a case and what I’ve done is I’ve also taken just some regular scotch tape with a p touch. This is called a p touch labeling system, it’s how I made these labels and you can pick that up an office supply store. I’ve just put them into different categories of whatever your music goes into. Then you set that up and then you can label so you can recognize which one is which, because I like to get things that are uniform and matched so that when you open your draw it looks nice. Because that’s the whole point of doing this, is you want to be inspired by organization so you get that great feeling and you want to continue to do the rest of your home. I wasted no space because these drawers are very deep so that in the back I have a grab and go travel CD case if I’m going on a road trip I can take this with me. If you have any pictures, you can put them in a different case that you might have gotten from someone. You always want to think about in terms of deep storage space what you use first should go at the front because that’s a high usage item. What you don’t use is going to be stored at the back and is a little bit harder to get to but not inaccessible. That’s some tips on how to keep an organized media center.