Attracting Amphibians to a Garden

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Attracting amphibians, like frogs, newts and toads, to a garden involves providing cool, damp shelters for the autumn and winter, and offering a pond in a sunny area for the spring and summer where they can raise their spawn. Create an amphibian habitat... View Video Transcript

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If you want to encourage amphibians like frogs and newts into your garden, you'll need to have one or two different types of habitats for them. Amphibians will spend autumn and winter outside of the water, and they prefer damp areas, such as, under logs, under flat stones, inside old pots, in piles of leaves, somewhere they'll be cool and damp, and sheltered from predators like foxes. In spring and throughout summer amphibians will migrate to ponds in order to lay their eggs and for their young to develop. Often they'll go to the same pond year after year after year. In the countryside, they can migrate in huge numbers, and you just end up with frogs getting run over all over the place, which is why you'll see the migrating....migrating frog sign, along the roadside encouraging drivers to be careful of the frogs crossing the road. In the city, that's less of an issue, but do be aware that there will be amphibians migrating across your garden to find their pond. And they may travel quite large distances. Frogs, newts and toads are very happy to coexist in the pond, but they don't get along so well with fish, because the fish will eat the spawn, and so the...and so it limits the amount of young that actually survive. Don't be alarmed if you have loads and loads of spawn in your pond in springtime. A lot of the....a lot of the amphibian young just will not survive, so it's about survival of the fittest. Ideally, you want to have a pond situated in a sunny position, but with some shelter around the edges. It's good to have sloped edges for amphibians easily be able to get in and out of the pond, because, as I say, they won't be spending the whole year in there. Toads prefer deeper water, whereas frogs are very happy in shallow water, so it's good to have a pond with a series of different levels. It's very important not to move frogs away from your pond, or bring frogs into your pond, because frogs can be carriers of deadly fungus that may infect your entire pond and all the amphibians in it. And that's how to encourage amphibians into your garden.