How to Organize a Stress-Free Move

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To organize a stress-free move, address one room at a time, begin packing the items that are less frequently used and label each box with the room it came from and its contents. Stay organized when packing up a house with housekeeping tips from a tidy... View Video Transcript

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I'd like to talk to you about how to organize a stress free move which is easy to do, let me tell you if I can do it with a four year old, a two year old, and a newborn anyone do it so just relax. The first thing we need to do is decide where to get boxes from. If you have relatives that work at a factory or a store try to hit them up for some and if not you can always go to a large grocery store or department store yourself and ask them if they have boxes that they were just willing to throw away anyway. Second we need to kind of wait until you have an accepted offer because before that we need to keep our houses free of clutter, free of mess, organized so that people want to buy the house. If they think that you are too eager to move they might be less likely to put in an offer but once you have an accepted bid you need to start packing. Well I recommend you taking one room at a time. Start with a room, pack up the things that you don't really use very much, you don't need right now. All of that stuff is things that we should pack first. Save the things that we use every day or that you use often for more towards the end closer to your move day. Then put on your box what room it is, whether it is the kitchen or kids' bedroom or bathroom and write a little list of some of the big things that are in the box. So you kind of have an idea of what is in each box. So that way on move day when things are stressful you know exactly where to find the things that you need or if something is already packed and you haven't even quite moved yet but you need it you know exactly where to find it. It just helps. It's a good way to stay organized. Then closer to the move day you start packing up the things that you need that you use regularly. You can even pack up food and the day of that is when you take a box, pack up everything that goes right to the refrigerator. That is something that you have to take over right away. Also have a box ready that you kind of know what you are going to use for that night or the next morning, keep that handy because then you won't be in a mad search when the kids are hungry and you need to have something to eat. You have it all organized to take with you. The clothes for closets I just recommend taking them right on the hanger, putting them over a seat in the car, when you get to your new house you just take them and hang them right back up into a closet. You don't need to waste valuable box space for your clothes that just go into a closet. Everything that stays in a dresser drawer should just stay in the dresser drawer. Just move each drawer from house to house. You don't have to waste boxes for those either. Just a valuable tip that some people don't always remember. So pretty much that's really it. Oh one more thing, if you have breakables which we all do, we don't have to spend our money on expensive bubble wrap either. We can use newspaper or even paper towels. Paper towels are really good for fine china. Put a piece under each plate and you don't have to worry about breaking or chipping in the move. If you have vases or anything else you want to keep protected just take an old piece of newspaper, gently roll it up, tuck it around there and it is good to go in a box. It should be safe for the whole move and you have nothing to worry about. So I hope you have a stress free move.