Salvia Root Protection

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If you're a gardener that likes to water, Salvia may not be a good choice for you. Learn how to protect the roots of Salvia in this free gardening video about the Salvia plant. View Video Transcript

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As you saw before when I divided the plant, I had different pieces. And the nice thing in a yard, I think, is if you do not just have one plant. It always looks nice when there are more plants together so they make a better impression than having just one plant. And, in the beginning it might look a little bit small. But, wait for two or three years and then you will have a beautiful ground cover. This special plant can handle poor drainage for a little while. Not all the time. So, if you are a gardener who likes to water, I would not recommend this plant then. Because when you water it all the time it might, the roots might rot. But, occasional poor drainage is okay. So, when you look at my soil that is kind of a mix that is sand, a little caliche and that is exactly where it wants to be. And when you look at the surrounding here, the drainage is real fast. So, this plant will never have standing water. So, let me go and get the, this other part.