How to Maintain a Clean Household

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Well just because you have organized your bathroom doesn’t mean that it is always going to be like that. I understand even though I am a professional organizer we all live life and yes things can build up when we have a busy week. So I am going to show you a few tips to make sure that your bathroom stays as orderly as possible even in those stressy times in life. So as you can see here I have some items that are out of place but they do have a home and that is the most important thing about organizing. So you are organized when you have a home to put everything and that way it makes it quick and easy to put things away. So we are going to be practicing the two minute rule and what that rule consists of is this; if you can do something in two minutes or less just do it now, because otherwise things are just going to build up and build up and then all of a sudden you are going to have a big bomb of a mess and it is no fun to clean up that sort of thing, because it really gets to be overwhelming. So what I do is I take a little caddy and this caddy can be used in any room of the house but it is great for bathroom organization and this could have been you know if things got misplaced around the house, let us say these were you know by your television table or something like that. Well, all I do is I bring them in to my bathroom and my caddy and I would just start to put them away in their appropriate places, so this will go here for instance, here, here and watch out how fast I am doing this because everything has a home. This goes with eye stuff, I have my eyelash curler here, brushes, makeup brushes have a home right there, like so. Everything is so easy when everything has a home. Now the next step that I really want to talk to you about is the one in one out rule or for a very advanced organizers we like to do the one in two out rule; and that means whenever you come home from the store and you bought something really great and new that you want to add to your bathroom such as a brand new facial cream. Well if I have got a brand new facial cream you need to - whether or not you have a buildup of face products - you need to get rid of an old one, because the cycle will continue to happen more in equals crushed space and crushed space equals cluttered living. So let us say for instance, oh! I bought this brand new product here, so if I am getting this brand new product I have to think about you know what I really want to live without and if you can think of something that is really great. So you just trade it out, that way you are always working with the same amount of stuff and this can be passed on to someone else or maybe it goes in the trash. Also another thing to think about is try not to buy anything new for your bathroom. You know there is always the greatest next product out there, but try to use up what you have before you go to the store and buy something new and then it can be really like a rewarding tree for keeping such a great space to live in, so those are my tips and I hope you continue to use them.