How to Grow Japanese Anemone (Anemone X Hybrida)

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The Japanese anemone, or anemone x hybrida, is a plant that is known as the wind flower. Grow a Japanese anemone by dividing up its roots with instructions from a sustainable gardener in this free video on gardening and plant care. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment, we're going to learn all about the Japanese Anemone, the Hybrida variety and they also call it Wind Flower. So to discover how to grow it, let's find out where it's native. So the Japanese Anemone is from Japan, and so it can handle cold temperatures down to zone four because the northern part of Japan gets quite cold. But it can also handle quite warm temperatures, all the way to zone ten. Southern Japan is quite warm. So it's a really easy plant to grown in almost any zone. So it's easy to start a Japanese Anemone. They're kind of a tuber. And so you can start it by division. You just divide a plant up, as long as they've got a root and they've got part of the plant, we'll make a new plant. You can do it in the fall, you can do it in the spring. Anytime. Or you can start the seeds in the spring and they'll come and grow and bloom in the summer. And I love all the different types of Japanese Anemones. This plant right here is called Anemone Party Dress. I love plants that have fun names, so when it blooms, it's going to remind me that I want to put on my party dress and go out because it's just a such a pretty fun plant. And it's a dark, double-pink, a disco pink, so that even helps more. You put it in sun to part shade. And they can handle a little more shade as long as it's warm. They need a warm spot. And I've found that other Anemone's like more shade, but the Japanese Anemone really likes a little more sun, and they are hearty from zone four to eight, and so sometimes even into warmer zones, if you put them in a little shadier spot, they'll do really well. Remember that when you're planting Anemone's that there's different variety's and some are only by seed or by root, and then the Japanese Anemone's have a tuber, so they can handle cold temperatures, but if you live in a really cold climate, you can lift 'em and protect them for the winter. And you can divide them by the rise zone, and the Japanese Anemone needs more sun then thee other Anemone's so if it's not blooming well, put it in some more sun and it'll thrive. It's a gorgeous plant for your garden.