Cleaning Organic Spinach

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Organic spinach should be cleaned thoroughly before you begin storing it. Learn to clean organic spinach properly from a professional organic gardener in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Alright, we've started the spinach out in the garden, we planted the seed, we showed you a few beds where spinach is growing and now we've picked some and brought it inside for the harvest to end up on the table. Again, all of our spinach when we picked it was picked and put in water right away to rehydrate, to get it nice and crisp and fresh and, for the table. Here we're going to use a salad spinner. We're going to take the spinach, fill up the spinner with all the spinach after it's been soaking for about ten minutes in there. Now we're going to rinse it and here we're, I have nice fresh spring water coming out of my faucet but most people, you wouldn't want to rinse your spinach or any of your greens with chlorinated water. That would pretty much destroy the integrity of the spinach. You want to make sure you use nice fresh clean water. Get some equipment at your sink and clean water up before you use it on your vegetables. We put it in the spinner and we pump it a couple of times and what we're doing here is we're spinning the lettuce to get rid of all the extra moisture that would be on the lettuce, I mean the spinach. I say lettuce but I mean spinach. Now that it's spun, it's all nice and clean and we're ready to, for the storage.