Advice for Gardenias

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Hello! My name is Jose Zuniga and I am representing We are here once again in my beautiful garden. You know what? I have a surprise for you. Today's plant is gardenia. You are familiar with gardenia. This beautiful plant does well in Florida. But you know what? Don't be intimidated because of that. You will be able to grow it because it loves full sun and partial sun as well. The flower comes in 15 different shapes and when you purchase them, just be sure which one fits your needs or which one do you like. They normally come in white. Another thing to take into consideration is that they are acid lovers so we have to be careful with their PH levels. Another thing, they are going to bloom throughout the summer. Basically mid-summer through the late summer. You will be able to enjoy this beautiful evergreen plant that grows between 2 and 8 feet in a round little beauitiful shape. So come on. Let's enjoy plants today, Gardenia