How to Keep your Refrigerator Clean Inside

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Refrigerators are the toughest part of a kitchen to clean and the first to get dirty. Learn to keep a clean fridge in this free video. View Video Transcript

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So the main thing you want to realize in fridges that are disorganized is there’s just too much stuff and a lot of it is outdated and it needs to be thrown out. So you want to overbuy, you want to stick within your space and what your family or you yourself eats and not buy too much thinking you’re going to have time to cook. If you have time to cook great but if you don’t, don’t buy too much. The next thing you want to do to make sure that you keep an organized fridge is whenever you have take out items or things that you have for leftovers, I like to simply put a paper plate underneath those items so that you don’t get any of the sticky mess on the bottom of your fridge and then it’s going to stay cleaner longer. You can also get a caddy. This is actually for a shower but I use inside of fridges to house sauces or you can put alcoholic liquors and that can go to the back of the fridge for things that you don’t use as much. Then juices and milks of course, those go on the biggest shelf. Then other items that you can keep in your fridge so that they last longer are bread. You can also keep cereal and it stays fresher longer if you have the space. Smaller items can usually be on the top, little grab and go items such as coffee creamers, salsas and stuff for snacks. Then you should also have a snack drawer and an already open drawer for things that have been used before like cheese and things to make quesadillas. So if you have kids or something they have a place to look when they come home from school and its organized and go I’m going to look in that drawer because I think mom or dad put something away for me that I can make for myself, once your kids get into that age. Also, the bottom drawers or any drawer actually in your fridge should be lined with a paper towel because that really keeps it clean so that we don’t get onion droppings and everything. I like to use Ziploc bags to house things that I’ve already gotten into with food. Save food instead of Saran wrap because it provides a tighter airtight container for them. Then you also want to once a week clean out your fridge because that’s about the time when it needs to be done with most families and I’m going to do that right now. So on hand, you should have a garbage bag and you can just tell obviously, what’s old by the look of it like old tomatoes. Be sure to wash your hand thoroughly after this because bacteria can build up. So then once you’re done you want to just remove this and it holds all of the little bits, put it the trash, and you get a new paper towel and you’re done.