Seeding Trays for Hoop House Greens: Part 2

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Use a mixing device to place seeds into the first inch of soil before covering with a final layer. Learn to use hoop houses for seeding greens from an organic farmer in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Now shes going to use a mixing device to mix the seeds into the top inch of soil giving each seed as much possible space as it can have. And she'll top off the whole thing with a half inch of additional soil to keep the seeds from being washed out onto the surface. And what she's created is a custom mix, and so we've labeled it Shen mix, and she will know exactly what it is shortly when it comes up. And since these are cold hearty seeds, they can be left here in the spring hoop house. They'll germinate just fine out here in the month of March, April, they don't need the heat. If they were tomatoes or peppers, we'd bring them into the house and let them germinate in there, but they'll be fine out here.