Filtered Water Storage

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Storing a water filter can be difficult in a small kitchen but it's important to find a place for fresh, filtered water. Learn how to organize and store water in your kitchen with expert tips in this free home organization video. View Video Transcript

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So a lot of people today have some kind of filtered water system and this is what I have. I have my water filter that I keep underneath my sink and I have this five gallon jug that I have sitting out on my bar. So I'm utilizing this space. I'm thinking about where I could put that in my kitchen, that's really the only space that's left. Some people might have thought to put it on the counter but I thought, since my counter space is so limited I wanted to put it up on the bar so I could use my counter space. You might have a water cooler which you would obviously need some wall space and a little bit of floor space to find space for that. Or you might have one of the filters that you just run water in and you keep it in your refrigerator. Then you would obviously be storing it in your refrigerator. So another nice thing about keeping it here by the sink that I thought about when I was placing my water jug is that I can just hook up my water filter to my sink and run it straight to this jug. So I don't have to worry about moving around the jug too much when it's full of water. Another point is I am also using this steel bar to have my water bottle hanging near my water, which is just a detail, and another point in placing things in a logical place.