Packing Kitchen Boxing Glasses

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Stuff the insides of glasses with paper for protection. Get expert tips for packing kitchen glasses in this free moving video. View Video Transcript

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You'll probably have a lot of things in your kitchen that have kind of an inside, have a cup kind of shape. And what you want to do when you are packing those is to actually stuff the inside of the cup or the pan, the pot whatever it is. So actually stuff it with paper which helps give it a little bit of support and then you wrap the rest of the paper around the cup. This is probably a little bit more paper then I need for this cup, but that way it has some support inside the cup and it has padding around the cup. And likewise pans, you don't necessarily need any kind of support inside the pans, this pan is probably not going to break but pans are great to be able to put the cup, put cups and breakable things down in the pan. So I might put my pan down in a pot, down in a box and then put a couple of cups down in the bottom of the pan like this. And put several cups in there and it creates a snug little packing arrangement.