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If your car trunk looks like this and you hear rumbling every time you take a turn, there’s a really simple, easy, and inexpensive solution. I have a crate here and this’ll hold pretty much all your goodies to keep them from rolling around. Now one of the essentials that you must have in your car is a kit like this that has jumper cables, a flash light- just some basic tools so that if you’re ever stranded on the road this’ll probably save your life. Maybe not save your life, but you know. Fix-a-Flat, very handy. I always keep an extra pair of walking shoes in the car just in case I’m nearby a park and I want to take a walk- just slip off my heels and go take a walk. Also, keeping an old cell phone in the car is a great idea- keep the battery charged because you can always dial 911 from any cell phone. There we go. As you can see, everything’s contained in one crate which you can buy for a couple bucks, and it prevents things from laying around. Sometimes cans of car fluids will leak in the car and that’s never fun. So this will really save your car trunk as well as your sanity.