How to Clean a Birdbath

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To clean a birdbath, apply organic cleaning products that won't harm the birds, and use a putty knife, wire brush, soft brush and a rag to scrap out the dirt. Use a garden hose to wash out a birdbath with this free video from a professional landscaper on... View Video Transcript

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I'm Bill Elzey with Showplace Lawns. Lets talk about cleaning a birdbath. Birdbaths are a great thing to have in your landscape the birds love them, they cool themselves with it, they have a good time an enjoy it. But we need to keep it clean; because once they get real dirty the birds will start leaving them alone. And, we need to be careful on how we clean it, because we want it to be safe and non toxic so the birds will continue to be safe. Some tools you need a putty knife, wire brush, a soft bristle brush, of course a rag and water supply, a garden hose and some sort of attachment, and a cleaning product. We use this Basic I, Basic H2 is another one made by the Shaklee corporation they're organic, they're non toxic, they do not contain phosphates; they're biodegradable, fantastic for cleaning products. They do their job and then some. They are far superior in their cleaning ability. We use this so we do not put toxic cleaning materials in our birdbath, and we get better results because of it. First thing that needs to be done always is put some fresh water in it. That needs to be dumped out. The next thing as you look at it might need to be scarped out. Might need to scrap with a putty knife, and it is pretty dirty. Follow that with your wire brush, put a little of your cleaning agent in there, come back with the soft bristle brush and go to work with that cleaning agent. A little bit of this cleaning agent goes a long way, that's another benefit of it. After you do that have your water on, spray it out and then again since we are using a non-toxic cleaner we can dump it. Follow that with your clean rag, now as you can see we have a clean birdbath.