Book Organization During Home Organizing

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Alright, something else that people have a lot of tends to be books, and I’m pretty extensive book collector, so I have a lot of books. And people always want to know, “Hey, Sumina, I want to get you a book for your birthday or for Christmas,” and I’m always stuck wondering, “Do I have that book or not?” Now a great way to organize your book is to first of all, to alphabetize them of course, because I’m a neat freak. So I like to have my books alphabetized. I will also go into my computer and just use a simple program like Microsoft Excel and put together a spreadsheet of my books. And I just have a couple categories here. I have the title, the author and the genre, but you could easily include things like the ISBN number, who gave you the book or if you bought it for yourself, and the date that you received it. This way you can quickly reference what you have, what you’ve left out, because you can put a little check by that. And it’ll help you keep your sanity when someone asks you, and you’ll know so you don’t buy doubles of any particular book. Another thing I’ve done, because I’m kind of a neat freak, is to color code them. So health and wellness books are labeled in gold and yellow, business is labeled in pink, self-development labeled in green- you kind of get the idea- humor may be labeled in orange or something funny.