Making Tape Grids for Flower Arrangements

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When using a bowl, it is useful to make a tape grid to hold flower stems in the container. Learn how to make a tape grid in this free flower arrangement video from a professional florist. View Video Transcript

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O.k., when you're arranging flowers in a low type of bowl, a good thing to do is to make a tape grid. Using scotch tape, you just go gently across the top like this, and you cut it into little pieces, and you're going to go in crisscross fashion, like this, and what this going to do is it's going to hold your stems in the vase, so that they want fall out. Depending on the thickness of the stems, will be how wide you're going to go with your grid. Basically, you're going to go across like this, and then you're going to go across in the other direction. Now, I'm going to put probably about five or six in each direction, and then I'm going to go around the base of the vase, after I've done that. So, this will hold your stems upright, and keep them in the water, so that their not falling out all over the table, and what you can do, is just, after you've put your grid on like that, you just going to go around the neck of the vase, to hold it in place. Like, I said, that's good for small low containers like a bubble bowl, such as this, and other low glass bowls.