History of Bougainvilleas

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Bougainvilleas are native to South American but can now be found around the world. Learn about the history of bougainvillea plants with tips from a gardener in this free plant care video. View Video Transcript

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We are now going to walk into the world of your Bougainvilleas. This little plant came to us in 1768, 1770, from the tip of South America. This little plant is grown from all the way from the tip of South America all the way through Peru. There are some places here in the United States that have named this beautiful flower their official flower. Places in southern California as well as the Philippines honor this plant. There are even some countries: Guam, Taiwan, a lot of Asian countries have named this their favorite plant. Now, this plant was named after a French sea captain, a French navigator if you will. Again, he transported this plant to Europe in 1768, 1770, and again, this little plant took Europe by storm. It is a wonderful addition to your home and to your garden.