Labeling Moving Boxes

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Separately packing and labeling moving boxes room-by-room keeps boxes organized. Learn other box labeling ideas with expert tips in this free moving video. View Video Transcript

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What I like to do when I'm packing is I like to pack by the room, and then I'll label the box with the black marker with the name of the room that it came from so my kitchen boxes will say "Kitchen", and then it will have a list of contents in there, so maybe it will say "dishes" and "spices". The boxes that I pack things from my bathroom in will say "Bathroom" and it will have a list of the things that are in that box. So the purpose of that is so that when I move into my new place those boxes can go directly to the room that they belong in, that the things in them belong in, and it saves some extra shuffling when you get to your new house. So that's another reason why you don't want to mix the contents from different rooms in the boxes. So keep the rooms separate and that should make the moving process, as you move into your new place, a lot easier.