Growing & Selling Cut Flowers

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Cut flowers come in many shapes and sizes, and almost any plant that blooms can be used as a cut flower. Bring cut flowers to sell to the farmer's market with help from a sustainable gardener in this free video on gardening tips. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to discuss all about growing and selling cut flowers. Now cut flowers come in many shapes and sizes, and pretty much any plant that can be grown that blooms can be used as a cut flower. Some last longer than others, and some will just fade as soon as you cut them. But there's lots of different plants that grow as cut flowers, and they're easy to grow. And what I've done in my farm is I have a greenhouse where I pot up different containers, and usually sell different types of bulbs when they're in bloom. I've got an area of raised beds where I've got different types of flower bulbs, and they bloom and I cut the dahlias and I cut the crocosmias and I bring 'em to the farmer's markets over the summer. And then I've got my field area where I've got it tilled up. And I've got lots of crocosmia and gladiolas and cannas, and all different types of plants in the area. And most of the summer I can get cut flowers out of it. The only dilemma is in the middle of winter you have lots of work to do because you've gotta clean and mulch and protect the bulbs for the winter. I just throw leaves on top of 'em. But you don't get any cut flowers. So for half of the year, you really don't have much of an income if you live in a mild or cold climate. Whereas if you live in a warm, hot climate, you can grow flowers year 'round. And that's the competition. So for me personally, I do a mixture of everything. I sell the flower bulbs in the spring, in the wintertime, and year 'round. And then I sell the cut flowers and the potted flowers over the summer through the fall. And through the combination I'm able to have something to sell year 'round. And in the wintertime, when I don't have cut flowers, I do go to the store and buy some because I love cut flowers in the house year 'round, and I want to support all the businesses that I can. But growing and selling cut flowers is really easy to do. If you have any area at all you can grow and sell cut flowers. You can bring 'em to farmer's markets. You can sell 'em in a little stand in your driveway. If you plant them they will come. And growing and selling cut flowers is a very rewarding hobby that can become a business.