Growing Onions

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Growing onions from seed is the cheapest way to propagate onions. Learn how to grow onions from seed in this plant propagation video. View Video Transcript

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For On Gardening, I'm Stan De Freitas, Mr. Green Thumb, talking about propagation of seeds. Onions are one that you can sometimes get in small bulbs that you can plant out, and that makes it pretty easy. But if you want the most economical way to raise onions, you want to go ahead, and buy a package of seeds. Now there again, with seeds are tiny. These seeds are little tiny black specks of seeds that are onion seeds, and you want to plant them about one time as deep as they are thick. So we're talking what, maybe a sixteenth or a eighteenth of an inch in size. It isn't going to be very much. Now you can just kind of sprinkle them into the area, like we're doing here. You can make a row if you want, but I like to just kind of put em' into the earth box all over, and if you do that; you can kinda' go ahead, and sprinkle them out, you're gonna' have fine results. Take your hand; kinda' rake in the seeds, cover em' over lightly if you will, and make sure they stay moist. Now we talked about radishes earlier. Radishes are ready in about twenty-five days. Onions are gonna' take about a hundred days, so they're a long time crop. Don't forget that they're there, and don't be impatient. You can harvest the small ones as green onions, but I like to get let em' get up in bulb. For On Gardening, I'm Stan De Freitas, Mr. Green Thumb.