How to Organize the Trunk of your Car

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Now I want to talk about organizing your trunk. I love to containerize everything because it makes transporting items easy, especially when its in a car. You really want to put things in a container so they don't move around while you are driving. What I like to do is I like to keep a few different boxes in my trunk. Something like this is great for when you are doing grocery shopping, you can just drop your groceries in a box. For people who work a lot out of their car, I have them put in a file crate so they can actually put in their more permanant files in their car so they don't have to put things in and out all the time. For example, this person works for a non-profit who has a lot of pamphlets for outreach programs that he needs to carry all the time so I just had him organize the pamphlets by file folders and now he always has his outreach materials handy and he doesn't have to worry about items getting wrinkled or items getting dirty in the car. And for people who have a lot of items to transport between a car and office or a car and home, I suggest something more mobile like this item right here. They have hanging tracks where you can hang folders inside and it is easy for you to take the whole box into the home and update the contents in the file. And what I also like about this particular type of file box is it actually comes with a little stationary office supplies compartment where you can put stationary items such as pencils and paper clips and stapler and things like that and I like how this particular models allows you to take this out of the organizer so as part of the permanant feature on the tote it just adds a little mobility and accessibility for your items.