Understanding Sport tomatoes

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Sport tomatoes can all produce very different breeds, shapes and sizes of tomatoes. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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So, where do different varieties come from? I mentioned earlier that ten percent, up to ten percent of the seeds that you save out of a variety will produce something slightly different and this is a good example. We have about a hundred Anna Russian plants out in the field. Anna Russian is a red, ox heart, heart shaped tomato, and one plant is producing orange and yellow. Same leaf, same plant, same heart shape but a different color. Now if we take the seed out of this and plant it and grow it next year and it comes yellow again, orange, then we have what's called a sport, which is an offshoot of the Anna Russian. And we can come up with a nice new name for it and call it Dancing Bear Ox Heart or whatever, so that's anywhere from one to ten percent will have cross pollinated, or some natural genetic mutation to produce a different color tomato.