Early Packing & Moving a Closet

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Check the closet to make sure all clothes not needed are packed. Learn early closet packing and moving ideas with expert tips in this free moving video. View Video Transcript

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Another checkpoint for about a week out is to, for your closet is just to make sure that you've gotten all your clothes and packed most of them. Over here I've left out, these are all the clothes that I'm going to be wearing this week and the pair of shoes that I want to wear. These are the two pair of shoes that I'm going to be wearing this week. Making sure that I have one that's comfortable enough to move in, that I want to be in all day. And I also have my dirty clothes, my dirty clothes basket I've left out and that's going to be an easy way to carry things. If you can, get it so that you have all of your clothes clean before you move and that's you know, could be a plus because then you can use your dirty laundry basket to help you move things. But you know, however that works out. And I took off, I had curtains for doors if you'll remember last week and I took those off so that I could go ahead and wash those and have them available to use at my new place. Either in my closet if I have the same situation, or I can use them in another way at my new place. So that's about where you want to be with your clothes, about one week out, is have most of them packed except for the ones that you want to keep for that week to use on that week.