Weeding & Thinning Organic Parsley

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It's important to remove obstructing weeds from your organic parsley garden bed. Learn some weeding and thinning techniques from a professional organic gardener in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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OK , Let's show what a bed looks like after it comes up. This parsley here, was planted in the fall of last year. I brought this through the winter in this little raised bed. Today, we're going to do some weeding, and thinning. Some of these parsley plants are to close together, ands we'd like to say how do you know the difference between the parsley plants and the weeds. Well, you can pretty much see the leaves, the parsley plant right here. Most of these weeds, look nothing like parsley, so we want to pick everything, that doesn't look like parsley out of the bed. That way, you don't have the weeds competing with the parsley. In here , we have parsley ,that's really, really thick. So what we're going to do, we're going to go in here, and see where the little parsley's are, and we're going to pull them out. Now parsley is a very hardy plant. Some plants don't like to be transplanted, but with parsley, you can practically throw it down, where you walk, it will try to send that root down and start growing again. You can see it has a nice long root, we trim off all the leaves, except the very center ones, so that it doesn't have to work real hard to re-establish itself. We're going to find an area, where there is no parsley. You can see it's real crowded right here, there's a plant here, but there's not much going on right here. So we're going to, push down, I'm using my finger, you can use a stick, or whatever tool you have. The ground is really loose, and we plant that little seedling right there. Of course, once you plant the seedling, it's also good to water it in. In this case, we have really moist soil, so we don't have to worry about that.