How To Cook With Fresh Organic Rosemary

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This is rosemary. This bush is about, I’d say, four years old. And it will get about this tall, at maximum height, and about another half its size wide if I continued to just let it grow. I have trimmed it a few times. This rosemary is excellent for barbequing. You can take that and you can dip it in barbeque sauce or olive oil or some kind of marinade. And just, you know, use it to brush your vegetables, or shrimp, or seafood. It’s delicious. Or you can take all the rosemary leaves off of it and use it to skewer shrimp. And then you have a skewer just like that. Very good. It’s also used in Italian cooking. You can use it in spaghetti sauce. You can take little pieces of it and put it on Italian bread-it’s delicious. To make Italian French bread, you can just break it in little pieces with olive oil or butter on bread; really good. And, another thing you can do is boil potatoes- especially new potatoes are good. And you take your potatoes after they’re boiled and you slice them, like quarter them, and take the rosemary and pinch them off and add olive oil, a little salt and pepper and roll them around in butter. Butter or olive oil; delicious.