How Does a Garden Disco Ball Work?

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A garden disco ball has hundreds of tiny mirror pieces glued all the way around a sphere, which reflects various colors of light and creates the illusion of sparkle. Place disco balls in the garden to add interest to the landscaping with information from... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about, how does a disco ball work. Now, disco balls were really popular in the seventies. And when people went to nightclubs, and they're still around today, they would be hung from the ceiling and then just spun in a circle and all the lights hit them, and just like a prism, all the light would go around in a circle and make beautiful, beautiful colors. Now a disco ball works very simply. There's little pieces of mirror that are cut in to little pieces and they're glued on to the disco ball. And that way, as it turns, the light actually hits each little piece of mirror and it's reflected. And because none of them are in a flat surface, they're in a circular surface, they will continually go in every direction possible. And just like a prism of light that goes through a crystal, it will shoot off and make all different types of colors. And so disco balls are really simple and very beautiful. And they do add a great bit to your garden or your home. And the rage now is to, because most people don't spend a lot of time at the disco anymore, they're spending time in the garden. So you can take the joy of your disco party and bring it in to your garden. And just by adding little decorations and disco balls to your garden, you can have a truly festive party at your house too.