How to Organize Important Documents

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To organize important documents, first find a suitable storage space, such as a filing cabinet, a large plastic container or a designated drawer, and separate the documents into properly labeled files. Keep important documents tidy, such as bills, bank... View Video Transcript

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O'kay now I would like to show you how to organize important documents. Don't worry, it's not complicated. We can really make this very easy. The first thing that we need to do is find a place where you need to keep your documents. I would recommend a filing cabinet. They come in many different price ranges and many different styles. You can have the business looking two door file or you can have a decorative one, modern, oak, any kind you want or if you want to do it really cheap you can just get a Rubbermaid container and that way it protects them all in there so if you have a flood in the basement or whatever, they're safe. That is always a good idea. Second of all we can put our documents in file folders. You have kinds where they attach to the side of the file cabinet so they all stay and you can move them back and forth. You would just label the front of them, whatever kind of document you want to put in there, label them everything is there. You can easily go through them and find them or you can just use a manila envelope, put on the front of it what it is, tax papers or insurance information, fold it up, put it in there, easy to find. Second of all we need to talk about what to store, what are the important documents? Well there are many. We could do, we need probably to keep all of our insurance information for our vehicles and our homes, or renter's insurance we need to keep all of that handy. We need to keep all of our, whether you rent or you own your own home. All of your payments need to be kept for tax time. We also need ladies especially we need to clean out our purses and our wallets because we need to get all of our receipts because sometimes those can really add up and our purses get really full. So maybe once a week whether it is Friday or every Sunday you go through your wallet and your purse and you find all your receipts, you sit down and you go through them and you pick out the ones that you need to keep whether it is a gas receipt or something that you had to pick up for work, you keep them and you put them in a special envelope. You can even keep them in a vanilla envelope or you can keep them in just like a business size envelope that you would mail. That way you can write on there, receipts, everything is together and then next week when you go through and you get your receipts you just put them back in the envelope. Now we have fire safe boxes and they are a very good idea. Because that way they don't really take up that much room. They come in lots of different sizes too so you can keep your really important things in there like car titles, any information that you want to keep for investments or your wills anything like that, it keeps them in there so if by any chance a disaster came or if a fire, even a burglar, it is all locked up safe and sound in there and easy to get to. One thing is we have to know where all of it is kept at all times. Try to keep them together and try to keep them organized and if we can do that very easily we could keep them into a file cabinet and your important ones into a fire safe box. So I hope these ideas helped.