Organic Parsley Seed Selection

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Organic Parsley Seed Selection - Provided by eHow
Selecting organic parsley seeds can be done quite easily through gardening catalogs. Learn some tips for selecting parsley seeds from a professional organic gardener in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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And today were going to plant the parsley seed and I would like to take a brief time to talk about the kind of seed that you might be purchasing here were today were planting the Italian flat leaf parsley which has the flat leafs on it and there is also a curly leaf parsley which is very curly and I personally prefer the curly leaf. It grows in nice close bunches. But the flat leaf is also good to. You want to make sure that you order these seed early in the year January of February you can go the Internet and look up great organic catalog companies and chose the kind of seed you want to have and the interesting thing about parsley is that is very, very good for you. It is probably one of the highest plants next to asparagus that creates an alkalizing effect in your body and that is based on your PH its very similar to people that want to make sure that they want make sure to a proper Ph in their pools. We also want to make sure that the proper PH is in our system.