How Does Water Lily Reproduce?

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Water lilies reproduce very easily, as they can drop seeds to be pollinated and they can multiply without pollination, which makes them very susceptible to overtaking a pond. Contain water lilies well to prevent invasive growth with plant tips from a... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to learn all about how do water lilies reproduce? So water lilies are almost an invasive weed in some areas, they'll just take over a pond over time. They multiply quicker than almost any other plant in the world. And they multiply by the blooms and as soon as they're done blooming they make little seeds, and then those seeds will drop and they can grow into other water lily plants. But what they do like strawberries they send out runners, runners, runners, and runners and runners. And as soon as those runners hit the water they start a new water lily. And so they'll make their own babies, they're asexual, they don't need another plant to do that. Whereas by the seeds, they're sexual, they get pollinated and then they'll make seed pods that will turn around and make more water lilies. So you can turn around and take those water lilies and just separate them from another plant as long as you've got some root and you can separate them, they'll grow right away. And so you almost have to be careful with water lilies and don't grow them near any natural areas or some place where they can take over a natural waterway or near a creek where the seeds will go down the river or down the creek into a river. So only grow them in very contained water containers, so whether you're doing it in a barrel or in a little water feature, they grow really well and they multiply really easily.