How to Organize the Pantry

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Learn how to organize your kitchen pantry and cabinets so that all your food is easily visible in this free video on home organization. View Video Transcript

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Now, we’re in a pantry that is a little unusual for most homes. Most newer homes and some homes have a separate pantry. This home is using this area as a pantry right here. Now you can see that it’s really hard to get stuff out from up here and there’s no way I can see behind there especially because I’m a little short. So, a really easy solution that you can use- I’m using a little step ladder here- is you can use some bricks- I know it sounds a little kooky, but use some bricks, and you can pull everything off the shelf, of course. And set the bricks down and push them all the way to the back. That way you’re going to put a couple of them back there. That will provide a level for you. Now you can also buy some tiered levels at your local home and…bath, home, and kitchen store, but this is a backyard solution, I guess. Now you can set the cans right up here. Let’s get all the cans up here. Again, you want to get all like items together. Like anything else, if they’re expired, throw them out and do not donate them to a homeless shelter. So what you’re going to do is get a second level of cans and put them right here. See? Doesn’t that make it a lot easier because now you can see what’s back there, and what’s here. Now the tiered ones that you get are three levels, but that may cause a problem here because there’s not enough height to accommodate that type of system. And I’ll just put the baby food right here. See that? You kind of get the idea of what I’m talking about, and that makes it a lot easier, especially if I’m down here and you need to see what in the back row over there.