Pt. 2: How to Divide Ornamental Grasses

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Learn how to examine the roots of ornamental grasses in order to divide the plant correctly, in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Okay you can look here and see that there is a lot of new roots. These white fibrous roots are all the newly roots that are coming off of these plants and these redder ones are some of the older ones. What I am going to do because this is so heavily rooted and kind of almost coiled around, I am actually going to cut off the end of this plant and take the bottom root layer off because sometimes what happens is they get so matted that they can't really knit into the soil because if you could just feel what am feeling here. It is just so dense. So to help the plant out, I am going to shave off a bottom layer of that and I am also going to make some cuts to divide this up a little bit more into some smaller grass plants. This little knife here am going to use on that. I am going to take my hands. Grasses are one of the most aggressive of perennials unlike some of the other ones that we have seen today which have very tiny root systems. I got a really solid one there that I need to go back to my bigger saw to get it. There it is. So now I have a whole new cluster of grass that I am going to go through and kind of pull out some of this dead canes that might have been in there from the previous year and just kind of rake it out with my finger rake that I do to get all this other dried stuff out of there and I want to break the roots up a little more because they are just so coiled. I am just going to do gentle little cuts and here again, I can make another little plant. As you can see, there are plenty of root stuff there. We might even trim down the blades of grass a little bit shorter too just to ease the transplant.