How to Plant Ornamental Grasses

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Okay because it is so incredible dry here right now I 'm going to also add some garden ginseng to the bottom of the hole and I'm going to put a little more of my terrazzo gel down at the base at the hole. Cause this grass I'm planting today are so heavily rooted that I think they are going to soak up a lot of water relatively quickly once they get in the ground. So we adjusted the hole depth and put a little bit of the nice soil mix at the bottom. I'm going to pull out any weeds or any other kind of tan debris that is still in this plant and just clean up so that it has a much room as it can to push up new shoots and new growth. Now I'm going to add some more of my mix. I need a little more from my wheelbarrow here. When you put your mix in you want to make sure that you get rid of all the air pockets around the base of the plant you really need to get your hands in there and pat the soil well. You just keep feeling around the base of the plant. Simultaneously in adding soil I like to add water as well. The mix can be dry and the plant is going to soak up a lot. Now we are going to add some more soil mix and I'm going to work that around everywhere. This mix that are fairly dry is just going to absorb all the water really quickly and we are going to pack it. I need to add some more mix to really fill in and I'm going to back fill around the top and a little bit of the existing soil as well. This is the kind of sandy top layer that we have and it is nice and packed in and there you have it.