Storing Organic Parsley

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It's important for organic parsley not to remain damp when you begin storing it. Learn some tips to help you store your parsley from a professional organic gardener in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Okay now we're at the state where we want to store this parsley. So we're going to put it on a nice organic paper towel here. And that's to absorb any excess moisture to keep the parsley from rotting while it's inside your refrigerator. And you don't want to use a white bleached paper towel because they have been bleached with Clorox and have residues on there which you don't want to transfer to the parsley. And we're going to put it in a nice bag here. Nice thing to note on parsley is that it's packed full of enzymes. It's a good digestive plant to help digest your meal. And also freshens your breath and is one of the highest plants as far as creating your body in an alkaline system. And therefore is a very good way to increase your nutrients in your meal.