Defining your Garden Space

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Hi! My name is Allen Watts from Anything Grows, a store for gardeners in Stratford, Ontario. On behalf of, I would like to talk to you about new tips for new gardeners and specifically defining our spaces. That is in addition to your outdoor spaces and how you may want to use or choose to use your garden space or your yard. So before designing a garden before jumping into something that you think you want, my suggestion would be to take your partner, take a friend, take your son, take your daughter and try to experience different parts of your garden in different ways. Take a bottle of wine and couple of chairs and go and sit in part of your yard or current garden where you are thinking of maybe taking another project or whether you are taking on the whole yard space but sit there and look at what you can see from that prospective in terms of the house, the neighbors, whether that space feels comfortable for you or what you might like to change about that space and do the same thing in another part of your yard, only perhaps approach that space a little differently. You can still have another bottle of wine and enjoy that space the same way or you might want to have a picnic lunch or you might want to pot something up, but just using the space a little differently to appreciate a little differently keeping in mind what you feel like in those spaces so if you were going to approach the design for it, then you would have better information to know how you might want to use that space or what it is more suitable for. Suitable I am speaking in reference to mostly natures conditions but then it also relates as well I mentioned to the neighbor's view of your space, whether you want privacy or even whether you a beautiful house to look at that you want to be able to appreciate in a garden design from where you are sitting to see the house or something scenic or depend. Every situation would be different. But I encourage you to get out and just enjoy the space different ways and better than appreciate how you might want to design for them and ultimately use them.