How to Uproot Perennial Onions

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These are a perennial onion that have been grown for years in this area and even brought from overseas. It's a little bit different in the way it is going to transplant. One, I don't think it is going to come out of there in as big a clump as the other one did. It is going to come out in a smaller bunch and a little easier. Any time you lift these kind of plantings, you want to always try to get as much of the roots as you can, in as big of a clump of it as you can at a time, because if you notice these onions are pretty deep in the ground and they don't have a lot of roots when you get them out of there. See this is pretty course roots. There is no feeder roots on that. These plants here are going to go into a serious shock situation. I am going to water them heavily, but maintaining the integrity of the root ball is probably the best thing you can do for these kinds of plants, so that you don't tear out the fine feeder roots, and so that you do get plants that are not shocked to the point that maybe they don't even survive. The large clumps that I'm getting here makes me real optimistic that these plants will survive quite well. Since they are coming up a lot easier than I had envisioned. I am going to set them around nice and solid in here so that the roots are going to easily be kept wet. Let me get one more clump and put it in here. The best thing you can do probably is get these plants tucked in there pretty tight and pretty close together, so that you don't have much air, and you don't have much trouble keeping them hydrated. Again, I am trying to keep the porcelain on my bath tub. This little group here is a lot tougher. The bath tub fixtures are still in this thing. That's what I am hanging on. I thought it was the plants. It's the faucet assembly, but you can see how massive a root system I am taking out here, and how if I don't disturb that, how it is going to be good for the survival of these individual plants.