Packing Kitchen Dishes & China in Boxes

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Smaller boxes should be used to pack dishes and China. Get expert tips for packing delicate kitchen items in this free moving video. View Video Transcript

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So in your kitchen, you have, there are a lot of things you're going to be packing are properly breakable and they also are things, that like books are going to gather weight quickly. So most of the boxes that I would choose to pack things in the kitchen are going to be pretty small. So, I plan to pack some glasses in this box and some more glasses and dishes in a box about this size. And also some dishes in this size. And maybe combine packing some dishes in this box with other things that won't add much weight. Maybe so, decorations or other appliances that aren't going to add a lot of weight or spices that kind of thing. So, when you wrap, when you pack your plates, you're going to want to wrap it in something. This is just blank newsprint that I got from the people who gave me the boxes. So it's used newsprint and you're going to want to wrap your dishes individually. And then when you place them in the box, instead of placing them horizontally, you want to place them vertically which actually gives them a little bit more stability. And lessens the chance of you ending up with a lot of broken dishes. So place your dishes vertically. If you have china, you'll also want to wrap your china in a plastic plate to prevent chipping of the any gold or anything any of the detailing on the china. In addition another good idea for packing things, for packing dishes, is if you have any cloth bags, you can use these to place your plates in and then put them in the box as opposed to using news print.