Organizing Belts in a Closet

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Belts can make a closet messy and unwieldy, learn how to keep them all organized in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Now belts are also something that can become very messy if you don’t have the right organizing system. So here I have put all the belts and you can just make sure that they go brown with brown, black with black and then we have colored. This is cheap, it’s like 3 dollars. Then we also have this for hanging scarves. These are great items, very cheap and you can hang all the scarves and then they don’t get wrinkled and you don’t have to dig through a big drawer to find them. The last thing I like to do is put big bulky jewelry, the hobo style jewelry and big beads, works great on a belt rack as well. Then you can just lift it up and you’re ready to go. You can really see what you own so that you can match an outfit accordingly. So I hope you go some good tips for organizing you accessories.