How to Plant Hostas

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All right so I am getting some of my nice fresh mix that I've made, combined withe the phosphorous and the lime, humus and some of my existing soil. You can see that it is a really nice fluffy mix that is going to help this perennial root really quickly and I am going to pour it in around the base of the plant. You want to be sure to get out all of the air pockets that might be down around the plant by packing with your hands so I use my thumbs and fingertips and get it wedged in there well. I am going to keep adding more soil until I have all of the roots covered and I am going to pack at the same time. You can see that there is a little divot here so I am going to get a little bit more soil so that it is even with the grade of where it has already been planted. I am just going to go around and make a nice base here. If you have anything that is just kind of little bit ripped, just pull them off. Here is a plant that it looking pretty good. It still has leaves on it that has been cut in half and everything else has been trimmed back and that is looking pretty level. I am going to a little bit more of the existing soil that I have left and just kind of top dress around so that it is really perfectly level, sprinkle it around and that looks pretty good to me.