How Do Trees Move?

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Trees move by being pushed by the wind, growing up toward the sun or by spreading seeds and growing new plants. Watch trees move and spread through a yard or forest with information from a sustainable gardener in this free video on plants and gardens. View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this section we are going to talk about how do trees move. Well there's a lot of different ways that trees can move. Now they can move with the wind hitting them and there's lots of studies that have been done that say they really need the wind. Cause the wind is what generates the roots too because they need that wind, they need to be pulled to generate strong, strong roots. So they can move because of the wind, and they can move also because of gravity, so if they are growing on a hillside, and they are growing sideways, they will actually move to go straight so that they are vertical. So whenever a tree or any other plant is growing on a hill you'll notice that it's always growing up. Straight up. And that's called gravity. Now there's other ways that plants can move from one place to another. And it's always amazing how you start with one little tree or one nice maple and all of a sudden you've got Japanese maples all over your yard. Well they move by seeds as well. So the flowers when they are done blooming they make little seeds and so the seeds get everywhere and so eventually I have little Japanese maples all over my flower beds. And they grow so easily that way. And a lot of other trees like Lilacs which are really a bush, they send runners so they clone themselves. So the runners can be pulled up or they are taken away by animals and they are put in different locations. And then they start new plants. So the birds also help in this process cause the birds will eat a lot of the berries and the different types of seeds off of the trees and then they move to different locations and then the trees can move and start new plants there as well. So there's lots of ways that trees can move and it's all very organic.