Measuring your Space Before Buying Containers for Organizing

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So now that all the surfaces are clean we can start to think about shopping, which is the real fun part in the organizational process. The reason why I really like to discourage shopping before we start organizing, which is the normal tendency for people, is that we have tendency to wrong buy or overbuy. Then what happens is we have all these containers that do not really fit in the space that we have provided for ourself and then you used to have a long to do list, you know taking these things back to the store that you purchased it from and it is just another thing cluttering up your house until you get it done. So a little bit planning can save a lot of time, which equals money. So let us use our measuring tape, which we have on hand to take the height, depth and width of each area that you want to buy containers for at the store and make sure that you record it on a little piece of paper and stick it in your wallet before you head out.