Preparing a Blueberry Bush Hole

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Preparing a Blueberry Bush Hole - Provided by eHow
You should remove rocks and other necessary items when preparing the hole for your blubbery bush. Learn more about preparing the hole for your blueberries from a professional organic gardener in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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OK now that we have got the hole dug and we have gotten it nice and deep to accept that plant. Were going to check it and make sure there?s no rocks down here. Were going to take the digging iron and loosen up that soil down there. You can see its pretty hard down there. Were going to work it up a little bit. So when those roots start coming out they will have room to, a place for them to go. Now this is where the sphagnum moss comes in. Were going to take the sphagnum moss and were going to put in down in that hole and were going to kind of break up that dirt I just loosened up and get that sphagnum moss mixed in. Were using the sphagnum moss cause its very acidic and it will help create the proper soil for the blueberry plant. Once we got some of that dirt that we broke up down there mixed up real good. Were going to start taking some of this soil and we don't want to take the soil that came out of the bottom. We want the soil that was more or less in the middle part and were going to break it up and then were going to mix about fifty percent of the dirt that you took out of the hole and fifty percent of the sphagnum moss. This will create a nice airy loose soil for the blueberry to grow in. Blueberry bush to grow in and you will have a nice healthy bush. Also when you water it this will absorb a lot of the moisture and keep the plant nice and protected. Now were going to continue to throw some of this in here a little more sphagnum moss and I believe the holes ready to plant the blueberry bush.