Adding Filler Flowers to Bowl Arrangements

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Adding a filler flower softens the look of the floral arrangement. Learn how to add baby breath filler flowers in this free flower arrangement video from a professional florist. View Video Transcript

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O.k., and then once you've added daisies or whatever flower you're going to arrange, a nice accessory is a filler flower. This here is baby's breath, and it just softens the look of the arrangement, and what you want to do is cut that, and put it in between your daisies like that. Just gives it a fresh look, and it kind of softens the different flowers, gives you different textures. Again, you always want to cut your flowers just before you put them into water. Even though, you may purchase them at a flower shop, and they'll cut them there, you still want to cut them immediately before they go into water, and then just going to take the baby's breath, and you're going to tuck it in and around the daisies like so, add some height, and again, different textures, it gives it a nice springy look. If you want, you can elaborate on the flowers, and add some others, but it's not necessary, sometimes something simple like this, and that's how you just soften the look of your bubble bowl.