Organizing Kitchen Cooking Spices

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Hi! I’m Katrina Cameron and on behalf of Expert Village, I’m going to show you how to setup a cooking station that is really well organized and easy to cook with. So one of the things that you should think about are what items do you like to cook with and the items that you like to cook with should be put next to the stove on something I like to call a lazy Susan. We can put salt, pepper, your shakers, we have olive oil, teriyaki or soy sauce, anything that you like to use when you cook. Then those are things that should go right by your stove. The other things that go right by your stove are utensils that you use the most for your cooking. I like to keep spatulas in there, I like to keep scoopers, I like to keep tongs, things for frying and also a whisk. Then the next area that should be well organized is next to your cooking station is your shelving and what needs to stay next to your stove is spices obviously because we use spices when we cook. You can get a step stair system for your spices and this has 3 different levels and that way it enables us to see all of the labels of our spices. Just something to remember, you don’t want to keep your spices for years and years and years. I don’t think they’re necessarily going to kill you but usually after 2 years you should really get rid of a spice because condensation and sometimes bacteria and stuff can get into the spices so you want to replenish those. Lazy Susan’s are great for inside shelves also. I like to keep both cooking oil. I keep the spray on the downstairs lazy Susan and upstairs I keep your pouring oil and then your bulk salt and bulk canola oil and then any sweeteners or sugar that you might have for coffee and stuff like that you keep on hand right here. Then the last area that I want to talk to you about that should be in your cooking station is your cutting boards and then also something for hot pots and pans. You can simply hang this up with a little nail or a screw so that it’s always ready to use. Next, I’m going to be talking to your about well organized utensil drawers and a grab and go station.