How to Remove Dandelions Chemically

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Removing dandelions chemically will not solve the real problem, which is soil that is not healthy. Add composted material on top of the dandelions, and plant grass seed to get rid of the dandelion weeds permanently. Find out more about naturally getting... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to remove dandelions chemically. Now dandelions will grow in your grass or in your lawn when there's no nutrition in it, when there's no organic material. So your grass will start dying and then the dandelions will come in and they can survive without any nutrition at all. So you can use all types of chemicals to remove that crabgrass or your dandelions or any type of weeds that are in your lawn but in the end you're not addressing the issue. You can use boiling water right onto the dandelions and that will kill them or you can pull them out one by one. But you're still not addressing the issue, they're going to keep coming back. So why use chemicals when you have a easy, easy solution at hand. The easiest way to remove the dandelions is just every spring and every fall, put some composted materials, some potting soil, any kind of organic material on any soil right above the dandelions, cover them up and then put grass seed, the same kind of grass seed that you have in your lawn right now, just grass seed your whole lawn. We do it every spring and every fall. You do that for three years and I can guarantee that you will get rid of all those dandelions. You'll have the most beautiful lawn in the neighborhood and you haven't used any chemicals.