Do Plants Grow Better With Distilled Water or Regular Water?

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Plants tend to grow better with regular water over distilled water because regular has more minerals that are necessary for healthy growth. Let the chlorine dissipate from tap water before using it to water plants with advice from a sustainable gardener... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment I am going to talk about do plants grow better with distilled water or with regular water? That's a question I have often asked myself and in theory distilled water is basically water that has been boiled to the point that it has no minerals or no chemicals in it it is pure water but the problem with distilled water is when you give it to your plants or you drink it in pop or drink it in all kinds of carbonated waters what happens is your body or the plant takes it in but because there is no minerals in it it actually takes all the minerals out of the plant and out of your body so I believe that regular water is better for you because it has all types of minerals that you need in it and so any plants even if you live in the city where it is chlorinated water, chlorine generally doesn't hurt plants but you can always set a gallon of water aside out of the tap and let it set for a day and the chlorine a lot of times will dissipate right out of it and then you have wonderful water that still has a lot of minerals in it and your plants like you need those minerals. So I believe that regular water even tap water is so much better than distilled water.