Understand the Different Varieties When Buying Flowers

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Differentiating the different and popular varieties of flowers will aid you in choosing the right flowers for you. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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Hi! I'm Lori for expertvillage.com, and today we're at Archibald Flowers and we're going to talk about how to purchase flowers. The good part about roses is that everyday there's a new variety of rose. Like this one, for example, is called the red unique. If you can see that it has the different colors in almost like a painting, like they've painted that other color on there. That's another thing too, you never get bored with the flowers you see because there's always something. I think they named right, red unique, because it is so unique. Some of the other flowers that are really popular. We see a lot of trend with sunflowers. Everybody loves sunflowers. They're happy. People are like oh she loves sunflowers. A lot of times you'll combine sunflowers with other flowers, but sometimes you'll have customers that want just all sunflowers because it makes a very happy looking arrangement.