How to Organize your Medicine Cabinet

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Learn tips and techniques on how to organize your medicine cabinet in the bathroom of your home in this free video on home organization. View Video Transcript

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So here I have an organized medicine cabinet and a medicine cabinet should really be your station for things that you need to use everyday. What I have done is we have got things on the bottom shelf, which are larger and these are your kind of grab and go items like deodorant and you know mouthwash, things you use all the time. Next I have labeled this facial cleansers and creams; so anything that goes in that category can be right here. Then also I just made an another example of another category that you could use, which is eye care because lot of people wear glasses, contacts and you need little place to keep all those little products such as this; you know little basket can hold onto eyedrops really nicely. Finally another idea I have is to put any type of instructions whether it be for kids’ medications or you know facial cream that you just got and want to find out how to use properly is to take them on inside of the door so that way it gets all the clutter in one spot and then when you close medicine cabinet, it looks really pleasing to the eye.