Unpacking Moving Boxes

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Having an organized plan to unpack moving boxes makes the moving process much easier. Learn how to unpack moving boxes in this free moving tips video from a professional home organizer. View Video Transcript

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My name is Abby Jones. And I'm talking about tips for moving into a new space. And one thing that's important when you're moving into a new space, is to think about the order in which you're going to unpack things and the order in which you're going to move things in. So, the order that I like to do things in is, the first thing I like to do is to place my furniture. Or to somewhat place my furniture, how I think it's going to be. So you can see behind me, I've placed my shelves here. That was, you know, when I brought in the shelves I put them there. I had thought about it beforehand. I put my couch over here and put some other pieces of furniture in my living room and placed them. After I did that, the second thing that I did was to hang pictures. To get them out of the way, and especially in a smaller space, so that they wouldn't break. They didn't have a chance of breaking. So I went ahead and thought about what pictures I wanted to put where. And it's important that you place your furniture before you put your pictures up on the wall. Just because a lot of times that, those two things inform each other. So the third thing that I did was to unload my kitchen. And I've been moving in for a day already. So this was, these were the first boxes that I chose to unpack. Obviously because the kitchen is something that you use everyday, and that you're going to need to use a lot. And so, so I unpacked my kitchen first. Then the second room that I'm going to be unpacking is my living space. Putting the books up on the shelves. And my reason for that is just to get the boxes out of the central placed area of my house. And, you know, those are boxes that can easily be emptied. And the third place that I'm going to be organizing, that I'm going to be unpacking is my closet and my bathroom. Which is kind of the same area in my house. And another situation, your bathroom might be something that you want to unpack first along with your kitchen. Because obviously it's another area that you are going to be using a lot. And you're going to be using within that first day.