Living Room Items to Get Rid Of or Repair

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Look around first and identify any living room item not needed, wanted or that doesn't work. Learn what items to get rid of or repair in a living room when early packing with expert tips in this free moving video. View Video Transcript

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So now we've moved on to the living room and to your living space. And so the first thing that you want to do when you're thinking about packing any room is to look around and to identify things that you don't need, you don't want, that don't work anymore, that need repair. That kind of thing. And decide what to do with them. Whether that's donate them or fix them or throw them away. This sort of thing. So I've already done quite a bit of this in my living space and don't have a ton of stuff in here anyway but I did get rid of a couple of candles. That's something but these are ideas of things that you might be able to get rid of. I got rid of a couple candles, a couple that the wick was too short now. One which I get a headache when I burn it. A good thing to get rid of. And others that had just burnt down really short and didn't seem worth moving to me. Any drawers that you have. Any inside spaces you'll want to look in there. So let's look in my drawers. See what I have. Here I'll take my drawer out. Whoa. Sorry. So here's my drawer and I think I want to pretty much keep everything in here. I've actually already gone through here once and taken some stuff out. I took out some sewing things that I had that I didn't want anymore. I could probably take out this wire and put it in with my tools so I'll go ahead and do that. But the other things in here I think I want to keep for one reason or another so I'm going to keep everything in there. And another thing that you might want to look for in your living space are pillows and blankets and that kind of thing that maybe have holes in them and need repair. It's a good time to do that before you move. Or too, if you know that you're going to be getting new pillows because you're getting new furniture at your new place, to go ahead and donate your old furniture and pillows and upholstery items.