How to Use Lighting in a Moon Garden

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of Expert Village. When creating your moon garden, a very important factor is lighting, because you're going to be sitting outside enjoying it at night--that's the whole point. There's so many ways you can light up your garden to enjoy it at night. One of my favorite types of lighting are these solar power light rocks. So they actually look just like a rock, and you put it in your garden, and they have a little solar cell on the top that charges all day in the sunlight, and then as soon as it gets dark it turns on all night, and it has its own energy, so I'm not even using electricity. I can find it in most garden centers right now, and online, and I just think they're just an easy, economical way to light up your garden. So my solar-powered rocks actually don't give out real intense light, so I still want to add some lights that have more power to them in my yard. So if it's easy, I have an electrical outlet right in front of the house, and I've just put the wires under the deck out to these little tiny lights, and they're very bright, and they're on a timer as well, so they're usually only on, from about, in the wintertime, five p.m. to about nine p.m., and then they go off. So those are just a few ways you can light up your garden in your moon garden. Next, we'll talk about how important it is to have a place to sit and enjoy your garden.